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Hand made cigars, like any natural product, need to be carefully stored. They must be protected from extreme temperatures and kept in a humidified environment: ideally 16-18° Celsius and 65-70% relative humidity. This will ensure that the cigars are in perfect smoking condition for your customers to enjoy. Our wide range of humidors are designed to keep your cigars in optimum condition.


Hand made cigars are delicate products and need to be stored correctly to ensure that they are in perfect smoking condition. If not they will burn badly and taste harsh.


To keep hand made cigars properly they should be stored at 16-18° Centigrade and in a 65-70% relative humidity (RH). Placing your cigars in a humidor designed to provide the correct level of RH is the best way to look after them.


All our humidors come with their own humidifying system to allow you to maintain your cigars so they are in perfect smoking condition for your customers to enjoy.


Some of our humidors also include hygrometers (a device that measures RH) to help you maintain your cigars. However, the simplest and most reliable way to test the condition of a cigar is to hold it between your thumb and index finger and squeeze gently. If it feels firm but springy then it is good condition; hard and brittle means too dry, soft and spongy means too wet.


Our humidors are available on free loan, subject to a suitable cigar order, and reserved exclusively for use of Hunters & Frankau cigars.


Our counter top display cabinets for cigars that do not require humidification (cigars in tubes or cellophane wrapped packets) provide the perfect platform from which to offer a wide selection of brands.


All of our humidors are fully compliant with the latest UK tobacco legislation.


0820 Cabinet

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