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Villiger have global sales of over 600 million cigars per year, making them one of the top ten cigar manufacturers in the world. They are sold on all 5 continents, in over 50 countries and have enjoyed a UK presence for well over 50 years.


Villiger have built their success by refusing to compromise on the ingredients of their cigars. They use many of the finest tobaccos in the world, including Cuban leaf, to dress and enrich their cigars and have earned a well deserved reputation among cigar enthusiasts for offering outstanding quality at affordable prices.


Villiger’s UK range of packs, sizes and blends provide a wide enough choice to satisfy all cigar lovers.


Villiger products are available across the UK in a wide range of supermarkets, retailers and specialist tobacconists.





Filler: Cuban leaf blended with other fine tobaccos

Binder: Homogenised tobacco leaf

Wrapper: Mexico-Sumatra

Smoking time: 20 mins



Switzerland’s No.1 cigar and Villiger’s best known international brand. Both Pressed and Round use the same blend of tobaccos but Round is widely regarded as having a slightly richer flavour. The square format makes the cigar immediately recognisable and is individually wrapped in either tissue or Alufoil. Round is dressed in tissue only.




RIO 6 

Filler: Mixture of fine tobaccos from countries such as Cuba, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Peru and Java

Binder: Homogenised tobacco leaf

Wrapper: Mexico-Sumatra

Smoking time: 10 mins



Second best selling Villiger cigar in the UK after the Export Pressed. Rio 6 combines all the finest tobacco from around the world to produce a smooth, mellow smoking experience. The pack was originally designed to fit perfectly into Swiss soldier’s cartridge belts.





Filler: 100% Cuban tobacco

Binder: Homogenised tobacco leaf

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut seed

Smoking time: 20 mins



The Premium No.7 is a rich smooth cigar which is regarded by many as “affordable luxury” due to the 100% Cuban filler leaves. It is suitable for those looking for all the quality associated with fine, hand-made premium cigars, but without the price tag.










The history of the House of Villiger begins in 1888, when the bookkeeper Jean Villiger, with his wife Louise, opened a small cigar factory in their home in Pfeffikon, Switzerland. Here in the north of the Swiss Canton of Lucerne, Jean Villiger laid the foundation for the business.


Manufacturing knowledge can be acquired, entrepreneurial flair you are born with. This was the philosophy that Jean Villiger lived by and through innovation and hard work he succeeded in his task. In 1907 the Villiger Company, by now a sizeable business, surprised the cigar market with the introduction of their first innovative product.


At the suggestion of Ms. Louise Villiger, the Villiger Kiel was introduced. This was a cigar with a mouthpiece made of a goose quill to help keep loose tobacco out of the mouth. Today, the Kiel is still affectionately known as the “mother of all mouthpiece cigars“, and in Switzerland it remains the best selling cigar of its type.


Then in 1910 Hans and Max Villiger, the second generation, took over the reigns of the company.

Another example of Jean Villiger’s innovative nature is the Rio 6, the packaging of which exactly fitted a Swiss soldier’s ammunition belt. Then there is the Villiger Export, a short cigar individually wrapped in tissue paper that quickly became known as “The Havana for the people”. To this day this brand is the most frequently smoked cigar in Switzerland and one of the most commonly encountered Swiss brands around the world.


Then, in the footsteps of Hans and Max Villiger, followed the sons of Max, Heinrich and Kaspar Villiger. After Kaspar’s decision in 1989 to dedicate him to full-time national politics, Heinrich Villiger remained the sole owner of the Villiger companies in Switzerland, Germany and Indonesia.


Corina Villiger, one of Heinrich’s doughters, and a member of the fourth generation, has taken over her responsibility as member of the board of the Villiger group.


By returning to the origins of cigar culture, Heinrich succeeded in rediscovering this fine luxury product for the second time. In 1995, together with his Cuban business partners he founded the first joint venture for the exclusive import and sales of Habanos, the legally protected cigars directly from Cuba.


Today, modern technology and the indispensable skill of industrious hands make it possible for the various factories to turn out over 600 million cigars a year.


All of which are constructed, stored and shipped with the same pride, attention to detail and love as the original batch made by Jean and Louise Villiger in 1888.


The video below shows Simone Hees Villiger’s Export Sales Manager talking about the history and development of the Villiger company: