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Founded in 1904, Royal Agio Cigars is still a family business and has grown to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of cigars. Their philosophy is characterised by a consumer-oriented policy, advanced technology and a high standard of quality.


Agio currently produce around 750 million cigars every year. They now also export to over 100 countries worldwide and employs over 2800 people that work in every stage of cigar production.


Agio products are available across the UK in a wide range of supermarkets, retailers and specialist tobacconists.





This cigar was introduced in 1976. The distinctive and unique flavour of this Mehiris comes in part from its refreshing Java Besuki wrapper leaf.

Java is used a lot in the creation of Dutch cigars due to its slightly pungent aroma. Cultivation is on a very small scale and this leaf is not grown on large plantations. It is produced on land owned by Indonesian petty farmers. The meharis Java goes particularly well with Chinese tea, vodka or cold espresso.
Smoking time of 10 minutes.






This cigar is characterised by its pale brown shade grown Ecuador wrapper. This is produced by growing the plant under large swathes of cheesecloth to avoid exposing the leaves to direct sunlight. This allows the wrappers to develop in optimum and consistent conditions. A cold beer or a light white wine is the perfect companion for this smoke.
Smoking time of 10 minutes.





This cigar, the third variety of Mehiris, has helped make the Meharis brand the most successful within the Agio portfolio. The sweet character of this cigar is the product of an aromatic and fragrant blend of finely balanced tobaccos. The introduction of aromatic cigars is a relativity new development and makes them particularly appealing to people new to the world of cigar smoking.
Smoking time of 10 minutes.






9 May 1904 
Company founded by Jacques Wintermans: A. Wintermans & Zonen.


Harrie Wintermans, brother of Jacques, joins as partner.


Construction of the factory and residence at De Wolverstraat in Duizel.


1913 – 1928
Various establishments are opened between 1913 and 1928, including the one in Reusel.


The second generation joins the company, starting with son Adriaan.


Son Marcel follows a year later.


Harrie starts own business in the Eersel plant and calls the company Henri Wintermans Sigarenfabrieken.


Besides Winzo and Cloveniers, Agio is added to companies brands .


1940 – 1945
WW II, The cigar-making industry comes to a virtual standstill. To ensure continuity, surrogate cigars are made, such as Coronas and tuitcigarillos of the Intermezzo brand.


The brand Agio (which means premium) is promoted to company name.


Agio marks its 50th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, the Agio Gouden Oogst is introduced with great success.


Opening of production facility in Geel. Soon the plant has a workforce of 800 people.


Construction of the most advanced filler plant of Europe in Duizel and the start of an own company school.


Jack Wintermans, son of Marcel and a member of the third generation, joins the family business.


Agio Tip is launched on the market and immediately becomes a huge international hit.


“Operation Malta”: much of the production process is transferred to the island of Malta. Introduction of a new bobbin system there in 1976 proves to be a smart move.


Introduction of Mehari’s, a hit; Mehari’s would later on grow into the largest Agio brand.


Ad Wintermans, son of Marcel and brother of Jack, joins the board of Agio.


Agio takes over: the Panter and Balmoral brands are bought from Douwe Egberts and turned into highly successful labels. Panter is now available in over 100 countries.


Agio opens a new plant in Sri Lanka, with 2000 employees the larges Agio facility.


Agio opens a facility in the Dominican Republic where, besides bobbins, handmade longfillers would also be made.


Agio passes the magical barrier of a half a billion cigars sold.


Boris Wintermans, son of Ad and a member of the fourth generation, joins the family business.


Construction and taking into use of the new bunch and filler plant in Westerlo.


9 May 2004 
Agio celebrates its 100th anniversary and not only achieves record sales of 800 million cigars, but also receives the designation “Royal”.


Expansion of the production facility and construction of office buildings in Westerlo. With a floor area of 30,000 m2, this is now the largest cigar factory in Europe.