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Punch Regios de Punch Arrives in the UK

The Punch Regios de Punch is the latest Edición Limitada to be released by Habanos SA and, despite limited stock, is now available across the UK.


This is just the second time that Punch has been called upon to produce one of these rare cigars and arrives just a few months after the successful introduction of the La Casa del Habanos and Havana Cigar Specialist exclusive vitola, the Punch 48.


Brand:                           Punch

Flavour profile:         Medium

Commercial name:   Regios de Punch

Factory name:            Hermoso Especial

Measurements:          4 3/4″ (120mm) x 48 ring gauge 

Presentation:             Slide Lid Box (SLB) of 25 cigars



As with all Ediciónes Limitadas the tobacco used to make these cigars has all been selected from some of the most highly prized plantations within the four main tobacco growing regions of Cuba, and the leaves have then all undergone a minimum of two years ageing in bales before being rolled. The cigars are a unique size to Punch, they are all dressed in dark wrappers and come adorned with a second Edición Limitada band.



The Punch cigar brand was first registered in Cuba in 1840, making it one of the very oldest Cuban cigar brands still in current production.  For many years it was believed that the brand was named after the humorous British magazine called Punch, but since the title was not published until July 1841, this is unlikely.  Nevertheless Punch, the magazine, became a British institution for over a hundred and fifty years, which no doubt assisted Punch, the cigar, to become the firm favourite that it has been with British smokers for even longer. Since the Cuban revolution Punch has principally been made at La Corona, the factory that is now situated in Havana’s Avenida 20 de Mayo.



Originally slatted as a 2017 release the Punch Regios de Punch expected to receive a warm welcome from cigar smokers across the UK, despite being a little bit late to arrive…