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Introducing the “H&F Cigars” App

Hunters & Frankau have launched a new App for smart phones and tablets.  This free App allows  UK cigar smokers to locate the nearest place that sells cigars, as well as find the closest Comfortable Outdoor Smoking Area (COSA). Users can quickly and easily search for their nearest;


  • COSA
  • Gold or Silver Havana Cigar Specialists
  • Sampling room
  • Retailer


The app also provides telephone numbers, email addresses, websites of each listed place and also uses Google maps to help guide users to their chosen destination.


It is also possible to search using current location, address or name of outlet or area.


It is available to download from the App Store or Google Play by simply searching for “H&F Cigars” or by visiting


Please download it for free today.


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H&F Cigars App