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Doors Open to Puffin’ Rooms

The team behind C.Gars Ltd and  Turmeaus have brought a touch of 1920’s glamour to the city with their latest, speakeasy inspired venture, Puffin’ Rooms and Turmeaus Late Hour Cigar Shop & Sampling Lounge.

Those walking in a hurry down Liverpool’s Old Hall Street could be forgiven for missing Puffin’ Rooms as the entrance is subtle and unassuming. However, anyone too distracted to notice it on their daily commute too and from nearby Moorfields station will miss out on something very special indeed.


Puffin’ Rooms  houses a bar alongside a live music venue, a delicious kitchen and, of course, Turmeaus Late Hour Cigar Shop & Sampling Lounge.


The sampling lounge has an impressive (and very quiet) smoke filtration system, with 30 air changes an hour.
The Turmeaus Late Hour Cigar Store & Sampling Lounge offers an extensive range of Cuban and New World Cigars, including rare limited editions. It also has private client lockers.


The food in Puffin’ Rooms is small sharing-plates with an emphasis on quality, and presented with a keen eye for detail. There is also a vast selection of whisky sold by the dram and an innovative and playful cocktail list, with something for all palates.


Resident pianist and singer Victoria Sharpe says. “I’ve got the best seat in the house. Sat at the piano watching people’s jaws drop as they’re served their drinks.”


Before adding. “There’s nothing like it in the city.”


In truth there is nothing quite like Puffin’ Rooms anywhere in the U.K.



The Turmeaus Late Hour Cigar Store & Sampling Lounge is accessible from the bar and provides a specialist cigar shop and sampling lounge that is open from 5pm – 11pm 6 days a week and 3pm till 9pm on Sundays.


There is no doubt that local Liverpudlians will quickly take this exciting new venue into the hearts. However, it is a venue well worth making a trip to visit. Simply not to be missed.



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The Puffin’ Rooms


Turmeaus Late Hour Cigar Shop & Sampling Lounge