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Distinction for Harry Hornsey of Havana House Hove in Higher Certificate

It is universally acknowledged that the Higher Certificate represents the most stringent and thorough cigar exam anywhere in the world and that anyone wearing the sterling silver badge, marking them out as a “Master of Havana Cigars”, must have an in-depth knowledge all aspects of the Cuban cigar industry.


That is what makes Harry Hornsey’s achievement all the more noteworthy and remarkable. Not only is Harry the most recent person to pass this exam, he has become one of only four people to do so with distinction (scoring over 90%) and achieved the highest score ever recorded in the course’s four year history.


Harry works at Havana House Hove so please pop in to see him and enjoy being looked after by someone exceptionally well qualified.


Please click here to take a look through Harry’s listing on the site, or to learn more about the Higher Certificate, click here.


Congratulations Harry!


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