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R&J Petit Royales Arrive in Time for Christmas

Introducing the Romeo y Julieta Petit Royales. The latest offering from one of Cuba’s global brands that dates back to 1875. This new cigar is an entirely unique size within the Habanos SA portfolio and is the shortest cigar within the brand’s current range.


Measuring just 3 ⅝” (95mm) in length, it is even more diminutive than the Petit Julietas that have been such firm favourites with UK cigar smokers over the years. However although it is short, the Petit Royale has been made with a ring gauge of 47 (perhaps inspired by the iconic R&J Churchill cigar of the same girth), making it a far bigger and more rewarding smoke than it perhaps first appears.


The factory name for cigars this size and shape is “Caprichas”, from the Portuguese word meaning “whims”. It is produced to the classic medium-bodied R&J blend and seems destined to be a whim that gets indulged many times over by cigar lovers all over the world.


Ideal for when time is limited, the UK weather is making it difficult to stay outdoors for long, or for no other reason than that you just happen to be in the mood for a top quality, short smoke.


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