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Martin Kemlin
Martin Kemlin
23rd March 2017
Place of Work:
The Arts Club (a private members club)
Contact Details:

40 Dover Street




Telephone Number:
020 7499 8581
Martin Kemlin
What do you enjoy most about working with cigars?
I would say the great atmosphere and attitude surrounding the industry. It's going further than the product itself, it is a true lifestyle made of sharing and caring. Every people involved are behaving such as a family. Being focused on human values is something essential to me
What first interested you in cigars?
I was initially part of the hospitality and catering industry, so I quickly understood the business dimension of the cigar. It is a product which gain to be developed within the luxury world and clienteles. On top of that the cigar itself is an outstanding product to work with: issued by the nature, hand crafted, with a large panel of flavors and a great potential of ageing. Consequently, it really impacts the process of service and the relationship with the customer.
Do you remember your first cigar?
It was a Romeo and Julieta that my grandfather had during a Christmas dinner. To be honest I smoked a few puff to try and don't even remember the vitola it was. But I was 12 and it is one of the last memories I have with him, a timeless moment...
What is the best piece of advice you have for someone just starting to smoke cigars?
It’s important to pick up the correct size (short)and flavor profile (light strength) that he will be able to smoke entirely and feel the development of taste all along. Still my first advise would be to appreciate the moment as we tend to forget that smoking a cigar is a privilege. It is a natural gift the Cuban terroir is giving us, which required years before it came to the right maturation.
What are your favorite three cigars?
El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme La Gloria CubanaMédaille d’Or n°2 Trinidad Robusto Extra
Has becoming a Master in Havana Cigars helped you in your profession?
Despite my youth, the master of Havana cigar officially recognised my skills and knowledge. What’s allowed me to differ on the labour market and obtain some unique position. It brought me a certain legitimacy with the customers. Even if nothing can buy experience, I’m smoking hard to achieve my goal !
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