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The Higher Certificate, developed by Hunters & Frankau, represents the most extensive & prestigious qualification within the UK Habanos market.
Iain Laws
5th April 2018
Place of Work:
Davidoff of London
Contact Details:

35 St. James street

Telephone Number:
020 7930 3079
What do you enjoy most about working with cigars?
Getting to meet a huge range of different people, such diversity united by the enjoyment of a good cigar.
What first interested you in cigars?
To be perfectly honest, the need to pay my rent, I was out of work at the time, so I was grateful to be offered the opportunity to work for Davidoff of London even though I knew nothing about cigars. It was a steep learning curve!
Do you remember your first cigar?
Yes, I think it was a Hamlet when I was about 17 and drunk, I inhaled and felt ill. The first cigar I actually enjoyed was a San Cristobal El Principe a few weeks after starting at Davidoff.
What is the best piece of advice you have for someone just starting to smoke cigars?
Start with a light blend and choose a common size, like a petit corona or robusto and stick to it whilst you work your way through the brands, as this will give an accurate comparison. Then start trying other sizes and see how that changes the experience. Most of all; take your time and enjoy.
What are your favorite three cigars?
Trinidad Reyes, Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 1 and H. Upmann Connoisseur A.
Has becoming a Master in Havana Cigars helped you in your profession?
Yes, definitely. Having worked under the tutelage of the Sahakians for over 7 years, my cigar knowledge was very good already, but studying for the higher certificate has deepened and broadened said knowledge and I feel better able to pass that information onto our customers.
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